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Investment and development of logistics infrastructure

Aviation hub center
Investment and development of logistics infrastructure and facilities (customs, commodity inspection, tax administration, etc.)
Regional hub center
Investment and development of logistics infrastructure and facility (office, data center, etc.)
City distribution center
Upgrade for logistics infrastructure and facilities

Smart logistics operation for hub and city center

Cross-border/ non cross-border trade
One-stop service for commodity inspection, tax administration, customs clearance and insurance
Warehouse management
Automatic, professional and smart warehousing facilities in operation and service
Commercial settlement
Foreign exchange settlement for commodities, trade settlement, supply chain management and other services

Integration of commercial and trade platform resources and systems

Pooling of statistics for commodity inspection and customs clearance data. introduction of comprehensive mass treatment so as to lower service costs
Professional and standard connection around the world with e-commerce and trade platforms
Independently developed information integration system to customize optimal solutions (logistics, information flow and capital flow)

Development of cargo airlines and logistics integration

Branches or special cargo lines open at home and abroad
Overall solutions for offline logistics transportation