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Warburg Pincus Group

Founded in 1966, Warburg Pincus Group is one of the largest private equity investment funds in the world; it is also one of the founders of the National Venture Capital Association in the United States and a leader in global private equity investment.
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Industry leader:

Warburg Pincus is an investment group focusing on growth enterprises. So far, Warburg Pincus has collected 17 sessions of private equity funds and has invested in excess of US$60 billion in more than 800 companies in 40-plus countries around the world.


invested enterprises are listed on NYSE


invested enterprises are listed on NASDAQ


Since 1990 a total of 143 invested enterprises have been listed


US$34 billion Warburg Pincus raised US$34 billion for invested enterprises on stock exchanges

Investment in China:

By the end of 2017, Warburg Pincus had invested more than US$8 billion in over 100 enterprises in China. In recent years, Warburg Pincus has spent around US$1 billion on average in China, covering healthcare, consumption, financial service, energy and industry, real estate and high-tech industries. Investment cases: 58.com, ZTO Express, NIO, Youxinpai, Hwabao WP Fund and UCAR.