Green Project: Jinshan Galaxy One

Energy saving

The Park has a rainwater recycling system that is used for toilet flushing. Meanwhile, water-saving appliances are used indoors to save water. Water consumption in the Park can be measured individually. The toilet adopts personnel induction lighting control, the warehouse area has illuminance sensors, and the operation room and other office spaces have lighting and personnel integrated sensors that save electricity and fossil energy usage at source. The project also measures electricity consumption item by item and sets electricity supply accordingly. The energy monitoring system relays the electric meters into the energy system for data storage, remote access and other functions.


High reflectivity road paving materials and roofing coatings are used to reduce the heat island effect and improve ambient temperatures in the Park. The project uses environment-friendly paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants. The paint and coating VOC content meets the requirements of SCAQMD Rule 1113 and the binder and sealant meet the requirements of SCAQMD Rule 1168.

Environmental protection

The project provides carpool parking spaces to encourage employees to carpool to work, so as to promote efficiency in car use and reduce exhaust emissions. Charging points have also been installed in the Park to provide convenient charging services for new energy vehicles, promoting their use and reducing the impact of vehicle exhaust on the Park’s air quality.


Non-smoking signs and other non-smoking publicity pages are posted inside and outside buildings in the Park. These can help reduce the probability of employees smoking in densely populated areas, thereby improving indoor and outdoor air quality and reducing the adverse effects of smoke on people. In addition, a dirt scraper with a net depth of 3.1 m is set at the entrance of the offices, to prevent dirt being brought into indoor areas. The toilets in the Park are equipped with an independent ventilation system and self-closing doors, which effectively prevent odours from escaping. The Park is also equipped with high quality mechanical and electrical equipment, and the project uses environmentally friendly refrigerants, with the fresh air system equipped with an F7 filter and ozone removing filter, so that tenants can breathe high-quality air indoors. All the lights installed are LED, free of mercury and other toxic metals, reducing the possibility of toxic substances causing harm to personnel in the Park.