NEWEASE in action | I undertake an on-site examination of the river

Shanghai is a city with abundant water networks. In addition to the “mother” Suzhou River and the landmark river Huangpu, Shanghai is home to 47,000 waterways. Shanghai’s industry and social life are dependent on these dense water networks, so water quality safety has become an important and urgent issue. Due to serious river pollution, the Shanghai Municipal Government began to focus on strengthening comprehensive river management beginning in 2016. Significant results have been achieved in river improvement projects in the past five years. However, since the monitoring body can only cover 3,000 of the 47,000 waterways, only the water quality status of key rivers and lakes is understood, while the general water quality is not.

On water pollution, we have responsibilities

According to the data from the Shanghai River (Lake) Report in 2019, 3,852 sections were monitored in 2019, covering 3,242 rivers (lakes), of which type four sections accounted for 41.4%, and type five and inferior five sections accounted for 11.9%. According to data from previous years, the main pollutants are petroleum, five-day biochemical oxygen and ammonia.

To improve water quality, we are taking action

Xinyi and Daorong Public Welfare assembled in Houtan Wetland Park on November 19. Employees were trained to be rapid testers of water quality in the field and to participate in the testing of water quality in rivers nearby. A thorough investigation of the improvement of river water quality in central Shanghai was conducted, to establish a database of river water quality in the central of the city.

On-site river examination, we are involved

  1. Receive a water quality monitoring toolkit
  2. Extract water quality samples at different water collection points
  3. Put the water quality sample into the test container
Determine water quality monitoring indicators, including temperature, pH value, nitrogen, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Compare, summarize and analyze the collected data, and fill in the water quality report. Give our city a bluer sky and clearer water, this is not simply a slogan, it reflects the great sense of social responsibility the company has. Continuously strengthen the concept of environmental protection in the development of the Group, actively participate in environmental protection through corporate influence, vigorously advocate the improvement of the water environment and help make Shanghai beautiful.
NEWEASE, we are in action.